A few job/skin updates.

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A few job/skin updates.

Post by Daniel on Mon Jun 10, 2013 4:45 am

Police -

Police models are reverted back to the Combine police at the moment. This is simply because I am unsure of how to add fastdl, when I can sit down properly and look at fastdl I hope to get it added.
Aswell as this, a female police model has been added with it.

Mayor - Female model added (mossman arctic)

Business Guard - Changed from 'Guard', contains original odessa skin and the CSS SWAT skin.
Body Guard - For donators/members + only, protect high priority targets. Contains odessa and css elite skin.
Nurse - For donators/members only - contains chell model - assists doctor, cannot go solo,
Construction worker - For donators/members + only, this is a job I've been wanting to have for a while. You build stuff for people, save to an adv dupe for them, for money.

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