Basics as a criminal

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Basics as a criminal

Post by Zeroi9 on Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:24 pm

Mobster, Mob boss, Gangster, Gang Leader.

Mugging people
This is something I'm really tired of seeing, as robbing another player for $100 is rarely any roleplay.
Mugger pulls up a weapon
$100 or die
/drop 100
k run

Try to roleplay it.
/me takes X's wallet and checks his ID.
William Busansson, Belmonte Hotel, second floor.
If you call the cops, I'll come for you.

Taking hostages
When you take a hostage, you should keep in mind that we all play this game for fun.
Being locked in the bathroom for twenty minutes isn't fun.
Tell your demands, throw in some food, do some /me stuff.
Make the hostage have some interaction too.
Hostage taker: /me gives William a phone.
Call whoever you want. I want $1000 here within 10 minutes or you're dead.
The hostage can contact a friend, call the cops, or roleplay it and pay himself.
Once I was held hostage.
There was noone willing to pay for my release, so I said that if you let me go to an ATM I will withdraw money from my Old William account.
Said & done, everyone's happy. Except Old William.

When you picklock the door and rush in, don't shoot everyone.
Have a bound key, like "Drop your weapons and get down!".
Do the same as mugging, if they call the cops, they'll regret it.


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