Basics as a mayor

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Basics as a mayor

Post by Zeroi9 on Mon Aug 19, 2013 2:06 pm

The most important part of a mayor is to be seen and heard by the people.

Set up laws, write laws in the F4 menu.
Common laws are:
No heavy weapons
You may not own a gun without a gun license
Running from the police will result in an arrest
If you're seen with a weapon on the street, you will be taken down
Gun license cost $x

I can not emphasize how important Lockdowns are.
In a small town with, max, 32 citizens, a murder is huge.
If a citizen or police is shot, initiate a lockdown immidately.
/broadcast the reason why it happened.
/broadcast An officer has been shot outside the PD. A lockdown has been initiated for your own protection.
Return to your homes or you will be put under arrest.

Controlling the police
When you become the mayor, go to your office.
Call your officers to your office with /g Officers, meeting in my office.

Assign your officers to tasks. You guard the checkpoint, you and you are in a group to patrol the city.

Talk and make sure your officers always has a task.
Even if it's some cop who seems like the kind of guy who RDMs, he might change his mind when he is assigned a task and has a goal and a partner to complete the task with.

Talk to your people
Broadcast news often, tell them what's going on, be fair and you will be reelected!


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Re: Basics as a mayor

Post by Cain Law on Mon Aug 19, 2013 2:55 pm

There's one small problem, a rather large proportion of cps don't know how to be a cp, apart from this nice guide.

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