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Professionalism & You

Post by Cypher on Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:31 pm

Professionalism in Dark Roleplay

It's too often I see the concept of professionalism in DarkRP thrown out the window in favor of the expedient, gun's blazing, RDM screaming tones of 12 year olds. The purpose of this guide is to further explain how the most basic human interaction skills can improve the integrity of the server for all.

Professionalism is vital to almost any aspect of business. Without professionalism, we would be deprived of so many concessions and recesses. When acting upon others in the server, approaching in a calm, tone, and professional matter will improve relations with that person and set a model for those acting around you. To emphasize, you are 40% more likely to successfully negotiate a deal with another person if you act with demeanor of enforcement. Subjects prefer to be talked up to, it gives them the feel of power. When someone feels powerful in a relationship, they look down to those negotiating with them and view them as "Apprentices".

To pinpoint the point of the above paragraph.

CASE A Was an actual event.

Suspect : Armed Group, Multiple Automatics, Fortified Position
Aggressor : City of Downtown_V2 [Police Department]
Situation : Suspect's had acquired a hostage and demanded ransom for his safe release.

Recording :
Suspects sent ransom note to PD. Demanding 1,000$ for the safe release of the Hostage. << They are in it for money. Use this.
PD Forms outside the apartment building and establishes a perimeter. << This prohibits anyone from aggrevating the Suspect
Police Sergeant disarms himself and calls for an agent to negotiate with << Disarming myself allowed me to alienate the aspect of the PD. As far as the suspects are concerned, I'm an innocent trying to help.
Suspect's send an agent to the pre-designated negotiation Location << We now are talking person to person. They feel comfortable with me. They can relate.
Negotiations take place. Sergeant uses words such as "Sir" "It's hard times for all of us" << I'm again, relating to the suspect. I'm making him feel like he has the power, when in reality, the situation can be ended any minute
Negotiations End. Hostage released for 500$. Suspects are later arrested. << No shots fired, no-one harmed.

Here is a "Guide" so you should call it, for dealing with a negotiation

Meet the contact
Disarm the situation. Eye for an eye. Keep weapons away.
Relate with the subject. Make him a friend, not a foe.
Be wary of shortcuts in the deal, keep your side stronger than his.
Undermine your side tactically to deceive him. Make them think they have the higher ground
Conclude the deal on Fairer terms than begun with.


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Re: Professionalism & You

Post by Fulcrum on Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:06 pm

optimistic. More like

"we got an hostage $70k plz"
++police approach to talk++
++Twats shoot police and everyone near by++
++twats shoot hostage, promptly die, return to same place buy same weapons++

++twats take a new hostage 5 seconds later++



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