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Addon Suggestions:

Post by Elmar Johnson on Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:28 pm

Drop Weapons On Death:
Irl, if someone got robbed and they died in the process, i think they would take the stuff they had, as in guns, purse/wallet etc.
But if we do add this, we need to code it so any jobs that spawn with guns/weapons/sweps dont drop them in death. Also, i think it only drops the gun your holding at the time of death. It doesnt drop your toolgun/physgun/gravgun if your holding it and you die.

Riot Shield & Handcuff Mod:
Swats can have the riot shield, the riot shield stops bullets from hitting you from in front, so bullets can hit you from the sides and back.
Handcuffs slow you do but if we can we could make a code so handcuffs stop you from switching weapons. If we can't make a code like that we could just use the riot shield.

Realistic Blood:
This looks more realistic than the default Half Life 2 blood.

Death Sound Remover:
Every time we die (most times) we hear a beep-beep-beeeeep. Irl this would not happen outside of hospitals. So this mod removes that sound when we die.

More Hats:
If we could add more hats, we could use these hats/masks for robberys/muggings so people can't meta-game who we are, they have to simply describe our clothes/face.
Video on how to add hats:

CS:S Model Fix:
I've noticed in some cs:s models that when they crouch down, some part of their body goes pointy, apparently this fixes that.

Day and night mod:
This makes it so after a few mins it goes a bit dark, a few minutes after that its day.

Player Fatigue:
On the server people can run forever. This mod makes it so we run out of breath after running for about 10 seconds. When you run out of breath you screen goes black and white until you catch your breath.
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Re: Addon Suggestions:

Post by Daniel on Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:31 pm

Drop Weapons On Death: No, just no. This stops the cycle of buying weapons and people will be more insighted to shoot someone rather than RP. Also, there is an option on the config file for this, so I would not need the addon - but it's not getting added anyway.

Riot Shield & Handcuff Mod: Interesting - handcuffs just wouldn't work on Dark RP however. I'll try and add the riotshields though.

Death Sound: We have custom death-sounds, so this isn't getting added.

Realistic Blood: Hm. A possibility, although it kinda looks the same on the screenshots.

More Hats: The ones you linked are awful, and sadly wouldn't just be used for 'Raiding/Robbing' only.

Day and night mod: Doesn't work properly.

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