Elmar Johnsons Moderator Application.

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Re: Elmar Johnsons Moderator Application.

Post by Elmar Johnson on Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:15 am

You weren't doing anything, a guy metagamed 3 times, i didn't see you do anything so i did. Plus i'm not supposed to tell them how not to break it.

Obviously i would tell people how not to meta-game, i'm supposed to do that as mod, not as a non-staff member. It's not non-staff members job to tell people how to follow rules. I'm simply hinting admins to warm them / tell them how to follow the rule.

That's a bad reason for a -1.

Fine with the new/added reason for the -1.

Zeroi9 wrote:I was trying to decide between neutral and -1.
Which is fine to me, but - how often does someone get shot down outside a building for not leaving in 10 seconds?

You robbed someone as a hitman today - you did say you didn't remember, but well, robbing and being a hitman, you can RP without hurting other people.

And also, to you claiming that I don't help people - everytime someone metagames, I write - do /g, do /advert, do /pm. If I don't, I'm either AFK or someone else took care of it.
I do not claim you don't help people, It might of looked like that. But what i meant was, for that time when i was doing it, you weren't taking care of the meta-game. you have helped in the past.

I did rob as hit-man, i said after you notified me that i forgot i wasn't gangster and changed to hit-man, i apologized to the dealer and asked brick to set his health.

I gave you more than 10 seconds to leave. I was aiming at you because i wanted you to leave, i said 3 times leave while aiming at you (you might not of noticed) i said if you don't leave in 10 seconds i will shoot. You carried on talking after 10 seconds was up so i opened fire.
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