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Staff Rules

Post by Daniel on Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:20 pm

Recently I've seen alot of people not taking their staff positions seriously. Abuse of the power and breaking server rules (such as failrping via the sitting thing) is not tolerated. Below are some common sense rules that I originally thought I wouldn't have to post.

1) Do not abuse, this is using your powers for purposes in RP that will give you an advantage over others in the situation.

2) Do not use your powers when they are not needed. This includes randomly noclipping around the place, and slapping players for no reason, etc etc.

3) When talking to a rulebreaker, take them off the streets to as they do not get in the way of others RP. It is annoying when there is a gang fight with the police and there is an administrator in the middle of it.

4) Breaking server rules is not tolerated. Just because your staff it doesn't give you immunity of them.

5) Sorting out others issues is more important than RPING yourself. If you're in the middle of an RP scene and you're the only staff member online, help the people asking for help and leave your RP scenario.

Alot of other common sense rules apply, when I can think of them I will add them.
Sorry to have to make this post, but it appears I had to as sometimes its pathetic seeing people not doing the above stuff. Also, just to point out, abusing the sitting feature is becoming really annoying. If I cannot add nice features as they are abused by my own staff members then the staff members will be simply demoted/banned, especially after me making it perfectly clear. You are setting an example for regular users and they are going to follow the example that you set.

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