Shopping Shelf!

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Shopping Shelf!

Post by Daniel on Fri Jun 21, 2013 11:45 pm

Well, I found this addon which is a shopping shelf. it is currently in beta mode and there are many updates to come.
It's now added to server, and I must admit it's pretty damn awesome if used properly. 

Some points to note:

  • Only gun-dealers and Illegal market dealers can spawn it currently. 
  • It cannot be lockpicked or keypad-cracked, something which will change in a future update (I imagine).
  • Users cannot freeze the entity with there phsygun, therefore like a gun-lab it will have to be secured. There is NO rule against propblocking this. 
  • This is an extremely effective way of selling weapons. 
  • If people abuse the shelf (i.e wont remove weapons off it if mayor/cop requests them too as its breaking the law) they should be spoken to by an admin. 

Remember, it is only in Beta Mode, but personally I think this addon is pretty awesome and I will certainly be using it when setting up my store.

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