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Post by Daniel on Sun May 19, 2013 4:40 am

Well... With the HGRP closure, I have decided to open up a new server. I'm hoping alot of past members will follow, however I'm also hoping for new members too.
As this is a new server, new forum, lots of things still need to be added. However, please note, the game-mode will be Dark RP. Although it will be similar to HGRP it will not be the same, there will be actual RP rather than just messing around and chilling out, etc.
I would highly recommend suggesting ideas, if you have suggestions, it would really help me out. I'm new to all of this, I've never ran a server before or even looked at the admin panel so you will have to bare with me.

  • The server should be up towards the end of June as far as I am aware. This is after the exam period for me, so it is best to do it around then.
  • Donations will carry over from the previous community to this server to stop panic and confusion - however, if you're feeling nice and want to support this server feel free to donate (when the donations section is set up).
  • Staff positions are still being decided on, I'm not sure where to go with them at the moment. More than likely going to reset them and make people re-apply, etc.

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